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Tumbler Workshop 101-BYOS

Tumbler Workshop 101-BYOS

Please Note That Space is Limited

Classes to start the week of May 15th

Must Order By May 3

What this Workshop will offer 

  • 4 intimate virtual group sessions
  • Guided Instructions on:
  • *Crafting and completing 2 tumblers 
  • *Proper Resin mixing, temperature, and safety 
  • *Supply Kit
  • Discounts on future courses
  • Replay for 48 hours after class.
  • Payment Plans available through Shop, Klarna, Sezzle, Afterpay.


Why choose this workshop? 

This workshop is excellent for someone who wants to learn to create tumblers maybe you’ve started trying to learn or you are a newbie then this workshop is for you.

Our workshop is perfect if you would love to learn to create beautiful tumblers as a hobby, as special gifts, or as a way to obtain an extra income.

Look no further this workshop is a perfect place to start because we include a supply kit to take the stress away from you having to search and find all the items to start your journey.

During this workshop you will have created and completed 2 tumblers and learned how to properly use resin.  


Our sessions are broken down into 4 intimate zoom classes. The reason is so that you can ask any questions while you are working not typing a question under a YouTube or in a live; hoping to get a reply.   I will be able to see what you are doing and answer your questions as they occur in real time. 


Why do we include a supply kit?

We offer a supply kit to take the stress away from you searching for products all over the place.  I have personally used tested and tried all of the items included in your kit.   We want you to have items that are necessary to make your beautiful creations without purchasing things that are not needed to begin your journey into tumbler making.


Supplies Provided


  1. 2 blank tumblers
  2. Cup Turner/Spinner
  3. Heat Gun
  4. Silicone Pad
  5. Silicone Brush
  6. Mixing Cup
  7. Mixing Sticks
  8.  Multiple Glitters
  9. Gloves
  10. Modge Podge
  11. Masking Tape
  12. Fast Set Epoxy
  13. Regular Epoxy
  14. Sanding Block
  15.  Multiple Paints
  16. Paint Brushes
  17. Plus Extras


Supplies that are not provided, that you must get on your own:  Safety Mask

You will be sent your supply kit in the mail that will include the items listed above. All kits will be shipped before our classes are set to begin with enough time to ensure that they will be received before the workshop begins. 


Important Things to know before the class?

This workshop will be held via Zoom and each class session is LIVE.

You need to make sure that you have Zoom setup on your computer, tablet, or mobile device prior to our first class as to make sure you are set up for success when we start class.

You should have a well-ventilated area as well as a dedicated work area to work on your tumblers although a lot of space is not needed you should dedicate an area to work in.

Each class is between 2-2 ½ hours long depending on the class please set aside a minimum of 2 hours per class to having a quite environment so that we can be respectful of everyone else who is learning as well as for your learning process.

I will be sending out the Zoom link for your class 24 hours prior to the class.

During the workshop you will be given homework to complete and have access to our dedicated Facebook group for the entire month.

Our Zooms will be recorded, to be added for future shared content for workshops or social media as well as for your complimentary replay.

However, You are NOT allowed to record, Screenshot, or Screen Record:  This is not allowed for your personal use or for you to share with others, or to teach others. 

If for some reason once you have started the workshop and you are unable to attend one of the class sessions and would like to reschedule it for a future date, please email me at with your invoice number 24 hours before that date to reschedule for a future date(allowed 2 times)


Before You Place Your Order, Please Make Sure of the Following

Make sure that you include your correct information phone, email, and shipping address:

  • email address (this is where your zoom link will go)
  • Shipping address (this is where your kit will go)

I will not be responsible if you put the incorrect shipping or email address however if you need to change either your email address or shipping address please do so immediately and no later than 1 week before class is scheduled to start.

Please email to change this information and included your order number so that I may apply it to the correct account.


Please Note this is Non-Refundable:   however you will be able to reschedule your complete workshop 1 time within 60 days of your first workshop start date. If you would like to reschedule it for a future date, please email me at with your invoice number 24 hours before the workshop start date to reschedule for a future date.

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